Main directions of professional activity, research interests and achievements in the field of physical education and sports of professor Vladimir Platonov


The research interests of Vladimir Platonov include: general theory of sports, the Olympic Movement, Olympic sports, professional sports, the theory and methodology of athletes’ preparation, human adaptation to extreme environmental conditions, lifestyle and human health.

The main directions of scientific, pedagogical, organizational, and other professional activities of Vladimir Platonov in the areas of physical education and sports are: the development of a system of elite athletes’ preparation, its fundamental theoretical and applied aspects; history of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement, the development of Olympic and professional sports and their modern perspective; adaptation of human body to extreme conditions of sporting activities; improving the system of preparation of professionals in the fields of physical culture and physical education, Sports for All, and elite sports.

Doctor Platonov is a prominent scientist, the founder of scientific school; his works are widely known to the experts on sports and sports science in Ukraine and in many countries abroad.

He has authored more than 20 scientific monographs and handbooks issued in different years with over 80 editions which are repeated reprinted in the USSR, Ukraine, Russia, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Romania, China, Tunisia, Colombia and other countries.

The results of the research and other professional activities of Vladimir Platonov are fully described in more than 400 published papers and have been successfully put into practice of physical education and sports.

Among alumni of professor Platonov there more than 60 Candidates of Science and 15 Sc.D. trained in the period 1970-2014.

He was a scientific consultant in the USSR national teams in swimming (1976-1982), cycling (1977-1991), handball (1978-1991), a member of the team on development of a concept for the USSR athletes’ preparation to the Games of the Olympiads in 1984, 1988 and 1992, a chairman of the committee on the theory and methodology of the Scientific Council of Sports of the USSR Sports Committee (1985-1991), a member of the Expert Council on Education and Psychology of the Higher Attestation Commission of the USSR (1987-1991), a chairman of the Scientific Council on Sports Committee of the Ukrainian SSR.

In 1992 Vladimir Platonov initiated the establishment of the Department of Olympic and Professional Sports in the Kyiv State Institute of Physical Culture — the first one in higher physical education and sport institutions

He also became the initiator of establishment in Ukraine the educational and scientific direction «Physical Education and Sport» from a component of pedagogy into an independent direction in education and science, including preparation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel and in conduct of research.

 As the rector of the University Vladimir Platonov initiated the creation of the State Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture and Sport (1993) on the basis of the Problem research laboratory of extreme training loads affiliated to the Kyiv State Institute of Physical Culture.

On the initiative of doctor Vladimir Platonov in 2004 there was created the Scientific Research Institute at the National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport.

Vladimir Platonov is the Chairman of the Specialized scientific council on candidate and doctoral theses (1985 — present) of the Kyiv State Institute of Physical Culture, the Ukrainian State University of Physical Culture, National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport.

In 1993 V. Platonov initiated the International Scientific Congresses «Olympic Sport and Sport for All», which since that time has being held annually in different countries on the basis of their higher educational institutions of physical education and sport.

In 1993 on the initiative of prof. Platonov in the university headed by him there was established the Center on Olympic Studies and Olympic education, which gained international status in 2013 under the support of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine.

In 1994 Vladimir Platonov initiated at the university the establishment of specialized publishing house «Olympic literature». Over time it has become one of Europe’s largest publishers, providing preparation and publication of educational and scientific literature in the field of physical education and sport.

Professor V. Platonov headed the team of authors to develop the concept of Ukrainian athletes’ preparation towards for the Games of Olympiads 2008 and 2012, was the chairman of the Coordinating Committee for Physical Culture and Sports at the Ministry of Ukraine on Family, Youth and Sports (2005-2011).

He is the head of complex scientific and methodological groups intended to render support to Ukrainian athletes’ preparation to the Olympic Games (since 2007 — present), Head of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (2002-present).

Doctor V. Platonov is the Laureate of the USSR State Sports Committee in competitions for the best research work in the field of physical culture and sport (1981, 1989), winner of the All-Ukrainian competition of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine for the best scientific work in the field of Olympic sports (2010, 2013).

V. Platonov is Doctor Honoris Causa of a number of leading universities and academies in the field of physical education and sport in various countries, including Bulgaria (Sofia), Venezuela (Caracas), Kazakhstan (Almaty), China (Beijing, Shanghai), Moldova (Chisinau ), Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar), Poland (Warsaw, Gdansk), Russia (Moscow), Romania (Bucharest), Tajikistan (Dushanbe), Uzbekistan (Tashkent).